Half term fun 2

Half term again so here’s what we did 🙂

Easter activities at local cathedral. Baby Critter walking down the hill.


Big Critter


When there we had to go outside & answer questions. The police ran this &all questions were to teach them about what the police do etc we were asked not to give answers to our kids but I found myself not knowing some.

CIMG8829 CIMG8832

No child got answers wrong which was great because would hate to see a child hurt & left out so top job to the police 🙂

CIMG8833  Proud Critter with his egg.

We said hello to the easter bunny & was time for animal petting. There was a huge rabbit called Peter, guinea pigs, hen & other fowl.

CIMG8837 CIMG8838  CIMG8840

 Big Critter got a stroke.

After this there was crafts. Here Big Critter is making an easter box.


We decided to do some craft another day so here’s our tutorial for nature pictures.


We took our first trip to Chester & was lovely.

We had a lovely picnic in the park.

Photo0404 Photo0405

Fed the squirrels who were rather tame & took nuts from our hands.


We found the Roman gardens & amphitheatre.

Photo0417 Photo0418  Photo0420

We went back through the park to a lovely sit on train.


Wednesday saw us off to Southport were Baby Critter took a liking to a malteaser packet & Big Critter resembled a teenager  in short trousers.

Photo0427 Photo0428

The day ended with an alfresco outfit change& 2 over tired boys.



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