So I thought I would show you how I do sushi to prove it’s really easy. Mine are vegetarian but you add your favourite meat or fish if you wish.

I got all my stuff ready sushi roll mat, sushi nori, grated carrot, sliced avocado, sliced beetroot, basmati rice (not shown but can also use sushi rice) cup of hot water, sharp knife & soy sauce.


Lay your roll mat out with a sushi nori sheet on. Layer your rice over majority but not all. Use enough so can see nori underneath slightly & bring right to edges, Layer your other filling through middle of the rice.


Using your mat fold the first section over.


I was trying to take pictures at same time as making so here I’m holding the mat but if you lay both hands like a rolling pin & gently roll the whole lot so creates a sausage. I prefer to use my hands & not mat because I can make it tighter.


The flap you see in picture now needs to be stuck down or it will all unravel.


Using the hot/warm water dip your finger in & rub along flap. Don’t use too much or will get too wet. The rice also helps keep it stuck esepcially if use when still warm as the heat seems to bond.


Dip your knife into water..


… and cut into smaller rolls. The warm water on the knife helps cut through the seaweed without ruining your ‘roll’.


You can use other foods to replace the rice here I used grated carrot as a base with avocado on top.


Place all the mini rolls on a big plate to share & serve with the soy sauce for dipping.




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