Baby Sling/Carrier Benefits

There are many benefits to sling wearing & many ways to carry your baby.

  • Baby is less clingy- if you carry baby/child out & about a lot once your home they’re a lot happier to go off to do their own thing
  • Happier baby- if your baby/child is ill, teething or just having off day the carry gives them much needed hugs & closeness but means you can get on
  • More interactive- with baby right by you you’re more likely to talk them whatever their age
  • Baby/child is more interactive & alert with others because they are happy in mum or dads arms
  • When a baby is newborn it allows for easier transition from womb to world & as they get older you can put them on your back & they can see the world from safe distance

There are many types of slings & carriers here’s a small list of what I have or have tried:

  • Wrap- stretchy & woven
  • Mei tai
  • Podegai
  • Soft structured carrier
  • Ring sling
  • Buckle carrier

The best way to know what suits you is to find your local sling library or sling meet. You can try different ones that suit you then borrow them.



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