Sensory pouch- lazy way

You will need:

  • plastic CD wallet
  • beads, sequins buttons etc
  • material scraps approx 14 cm square
  • paper
  • pins
  • ruler
  • pencil

First Step is to fill your plastic wallet.


I use beads, buttons & other goodies I found in my drawers. I made sure not to fill too much so the bits could move around.


I decided to make my whole pouch approx 12 cm. So I cut out a 13cm square with a 9.5 cm square cut out middle. I worked this out because i want my border to be 1.5 cm & need 1 cm seam allowance either side for turning.


First you need to cut each inside corner diagonally towards outer edge by 1 cm.


Turn that edge under & pin.


Pin in the middle pouch & place back border to the front enclosing pouch. Make sure the egdes meet. This can be fiddly so may find it easier if you iron your seam allowances so they stay folded or lots of pins!!


Pin outer edge in same method, fold & pin. This part is a lot easier.


Sew close to edge inside & outside.


Sorry its slanted hehe. I sewed extra lines for decoration & extra strength & here it is. Not perfect and I’ve seen much easier better versions but as common for me I blogged as I experimented.



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