Almost no-sew ribbon ring

Here is a simple almost no-sew ribbon ring for you

You will need:

  • wooden or plastic ring- curtain rings work well
  • scrap ribbon any length
  • lighter

Cut your ribbons to length you wish & seal off the edges with the lighter to prevent fraying. This was tricky shot to get lol make sure hold it over long enough to seal but too long it will set alight & burn.


Once you have all your ribbons  & ring you can put them together.


I decided to tie mine together but you can tie them individually. I layered them like so.


Popped ring over top


Then tied in big knot


I then sewed across the ribbons to secure seen as we have such a big knot id worry about it becoming loose.


If you decide to tie your ribbons one by one do a double knot & there is no need for over sewing & will be a truly no- sew project.



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