I do a lot of swaps so thought would outline them & see if we can start a revolution. There are a few kind of swaps. The first is a secret swap you get given a name & your name is given to someone else but you don’t reveal who you are ūüôā Traditionally named Secret Santa, Secret Stork, Secret Sewer etc.

Items I’ve received from such a swap:

admin-ajax (2)

I also got bath items, candles & chocolate but got used.

There are advantages to this swap you get a fab surprise from some unknown & because you do it as a group can share ideas & excitement.  You also get a set budget which is often low x

There are disadvantages too though as some people don’t see it as¬†necessary¬†to actually complete their end of bargain & 3 swaps I’ve run now at least 2 people haven’t bothered which is very sad. However with it being secret the¬†receiver¬†who¬†receives¬†nothing doesn’t know who it was.

The second kind of swap is a craft swap. You basically swap craft for craft. I make you something you want & in return I get something I want of a similar value. So far these are the most successful swaps I’ve done because both parties would be out of pocket if both didn’t fulfil there part & because you know each other less chance of skulking off . I use this method a lot to purchase presents especially at christmas when other crafters are ¬†looking to do the same! I also recieve bath goodies this way.

Item I got from craft swap:

CIMG8571   582369_365343426862858_956420463_n 156247_365343306862870_1266624609_n

The third kind of swap I’ve recently partaken in is Box of Joy. These occur on mummy groups & you are partnered up. So although a group of you are doing this so get some advantage of sharing ideas you also get the advantage of knowing who is sending to you so there’s no hiding. These also seem to have higher budget attached to them which as the sender & receiver I find really good. Item I made recently for such a swap:

CIMG8574 CIMG8575

As a crafter I find swaps good because it often works out a bit cheaper to make lots & build up a good stash to send off! You can also do a lot from home & not trawl shops for something you may never find.

I made this stash recently for a £5 craft swap:

CIMG8577 CIMG8578   CIMG8582 

Swaps are good for other items too for example clothes!! Ask friends of similar size if have stuff to get rid off & do a swap for them. Same with baby & kids clothes save the ebay fees & table costs & just swap.


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