During a child’s early years there are many firsts: teeth, smile, walking and holidays!! As we prepare to take Baby Critter on his first holiday I think back to Big Critters first.

Big Critter was 6 months old when we went for our first holiday camping šŸ™‚

He was just recently weaned & we had borrowed a baby bed was perfect! He slept like a dream, ate like a dream & smiled like a proper cute baby should.

The stuff we had to take though!!! oh my nothing prepares you for the first trip from home you suddenly realise how much baby’s need and asĀ desperatelyĀ as you try condense it you just can’t.

We had to look for all sorts of amazing folding items get rid of half my own stuff because there was no chance the baby’s trousers would last longer than an hour nevermind a day or 2.

Its also amazing how little things take up a lot of room.

We survived though. Our second holiday was by far harder he was 9 months by this stage & we went camping again. He was too big for the camping bed this time so we had a insulated, padded mat with lots of blankets. Again slept a dream but every morning he would have such a mad wiggle he’d be off the mat at bottom of tent waving my bra about like was best toy in world!

After that year we have 3 years of bed troubles. The following year we had a double & 1 single. Mummy & Big Critter would sleep on the double with Daddy on other side to stop him rolling off. Again he ended at bottom of tent.

Year after he was 2 & a half so thought great he’s big enough for a ready bed! We quickly realised that was no good either the only way to describe it was a stranded turtle with its shell on the right way … he would be face down bed on top.

We went to a local camping shop in search of a solution because was beyond a joke the lack of decent beds for kids when we found a bed we have successfully used for 3 years now! Its called a kampa well here’s a picture explains it better..


This has been our life saver he no longer ends up at end of tent, he doesn’t roll off & he stays there all night safe & warm. I’d have noĀ hesitationĀ putting Baby Critter on this either so begins the search for another solution because unfortunately we can’t fit 2 of these in our tent. Yikes!

Luckily this year were off to a chalet. This feels so posh for us after nearly 6 years of camping in rain, mud freezing temperatures rarely sunshine. We have close amenities of our own, somewhere to cook.

However my oneĀ predictionĀ is the extra bedroom for the kids won’t be used as both will probably end up in with us.

UPDATE: Small child stayed in with us in a cot and big child stayed in his bed! We’re off again next year and this will be small childs first year trying out the big bed! eeek


2 thoughts on “Firsts…..

  1. shroomypix says:

    to be fair out tent is big enough & we knew at time wouldnt fit both kids in because i was pregnant its more its 2 rooms & presuading older child to sleep in there is the challenge lol! wont be at least till next year tho šŸ™‚

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