Mummy&me club Mothercare.

I attended a baby event last night at Mothercare. It was more aimed at pregnant mums & dads to be but I invited even though Baby Critter is now 4 months.

First they talked about hospital bag checklist which wasn’t detailed but they provided useless information & provided a more detailed list. Even though Baby Critter was my second child I had Big Critter at home so I had never needed a hospital bag & found the checklists useful. However I couldnt help butt in when they suggested having bag ready by 38 weeks because I had Baby Critter at 37 weeks unexpectedly I suggested an earlier time might be useful. This was recieved happily.

They moved on to talk about their prams, car seats & bottle range.

All these talks were good  & we have decided to try a couple of bottles from their range called Innosense.

The pram talk was good although I felt they could have shown a few different types, however the shop floor was open to look round so could be me being fussy.

The car seat talk went over various seats & when to change baby to next seat. They showed how to install them & check there are in safety which raised some giggles because they hit them to check they didn’t move!!!!! However an important point that wasn’t mentioned & I feel should be is the fact babies can’t be in car seats for more than 2 hours a day as this is bad for their spines. This is altogether not as a length of time. Its surprising how many parents don’t know this vital information!

The only other not as important information was about adjusting straps this wasn’t looked at.

They had Water Babies, Lazy Daisy, baby massage & The Red Cross there also which was a fab idea & The Red Cross in particular showed what to do in event of baby choking.

After talks the shop floor was open for browsing which Big Critter loved choosing what toys he wanted ( we didn’t buy). The staff helped looked after both kids. Baby Critter started shouting during the car seat talk & Big Critter got juice, biscuits, colouring & attention.

All in all a fab event & I would highly recommend to all mums to be first or experienced. Best all it was free 🙂



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