Half term fun

Half term is upon us. This is our 2nd since having Baby Critter but first was Christmas holiday so was slightly dreading this one.

So Monday was our Narnia outing.

Tuesday I decided should be lego day!!! So here’s what we built:

Lego cafe complete with treasure chest & horse drinking area. Guests included Loki, Iron Man, Sponge Bob, a yeti, a ninja & a horse.



Space Ships accompanied by a few Star Wars crew.

CIMG8137 CIMG8139

Big Critter proud of his makes


Baby Critter watching the fun.


CIMG8143 CIMG8145

My houses copied from the front of the lego box. As you can see from picture at the left bricks were all over floor so Daddy could find the bricks we needed easily.

CIMG8144  CIMG8146


The Stars Wars crew immediately moved in although tensions ran high with enemies living next door.

CIMG8155 CIMG8157

Saturday we did decopatch cats ready for Mother’s Day gifts.


We did other stuff but it was rather boring.



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