Decopatch Cats

As a different Mother’s Day gift this year I liked the look of decopatch &  thought Big Critter could help me. I decided on cats as looked cute.

I got my tools : cats, brushes & paper from The Crafty Crocodile.

First we ripped the paper into stamp sized pieces & popped the glue in a tub.


Next we spread a little glue on the cat.


Avoiding sticky fingers we picked the paper up using our brush, pattern side up.


Then apply to the cat & cover with more glue to secure.



Once whole cat is covered check as best you can for missed areas.

Leave to dry for about half hour so glue is no longer white. Once glue is a little dried we checked for missed spots.Using same method cover missed parts & leave whole thing to dry for a good 24 hours





Ours are as above but you can now varnish, add gems, glitter, paint, eyes anything you wish. If you add extras is a good idea to varnish & if to be kept in damp place like a kitchen bathroom or windowsill then advised to varnish.

Big Critter is 5 & really enjoyed this project finding it fairly simple although too quick for his liking & not enough glue involved!!



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