True definition of a WAHM

Now you may think this will be short blog WAHM means Work At Home Mum/Mom/Mummy/Mother. You’d be right it does but what does that actually mean!

Well here’s my day:

7am Wake up sort baby bottles, clothes & bags

730am Wake Big Critter up by this time Baby Critter is hungry so its a juggle of iron school uniform (yes I know I should do it night before!!) feeding baby getting Big Critter dressed (lots of counting & shouting) then attempt to look civil myself.

8am Rush is on to make sure everyone fed, clean & ready to leave

8.15am Coats on, shoes on, bags ready ,baby poo-ed! yikes

8.25am Leave house as fast as possible because bus due any minute!

8.35am Bus comes takes us to school

9am I’m 1 child down.

10am Arrive home where baby decides to wake screaming! so it’s another bouncing, cuddling session

10.30am Once he’s calmed I’ve had a cuppa & breakfast time to sew.

11am Baby wants feeding again followed by nappy change

12pm Time to finally do something. start sewing, cutting, emailing whatever is needed & baby is moaning. so with me doing what I need to do I tell Baby Critter exactly what I’m doing in the most interesting silly voice I can. WOW cutting material out whilst catching my finger in scissors never sounded sooo exciting.

1pm Baby is finally asleep so decide to grab quick lunch

1.30pm Time to sew again whilst baby quiet.

2pm Not long till have to pick Big Critter up. thankfully Daddy takes on this duty 4 time out of 5.

2.30pm Daddy leaves the house to get Big Critter. Baby wakes up for a bottle followed by another nappy change.

3.30pm Big Critter home with Daddy so I get an hour to work whilst he tends to both.

4.30pm Time to make tea whilst Baby Critter decides would be fab time to scream for no reason

5.30pm Sit to eat. yum.

6.30pm Big Critter has spent the last hour moaning & crying he hates what I made to eat whilst also claiming to be hungry but finding time to sneak off to play whilst laughing at us when we tell him off. Baby Critter sits happily loving the drama

7.00pm Finally managed to bribe Big Critter to eat (hmm well 10% of time maybe) so time for bed. Now depending on if he ate or not depends what level of whinge we get thrown at us:

He ate: He runs off usually excitedly screaming at same time as I’m nooot tiiireeddd gets spat out. Finally wrestle him to bathroom to do teeth where there’s shouting & screaming he’s been deliberately hurt. Teeth done, wee done & nice story with Daddy whilst I tidy up.

He didn’t eat: He runs off usually excitedly screaming at same time as I’m huuuuuunnngrrrrryyyyy is screeched. Finally wrestle him to bathroom to do teeth where there’s shouting & screaming he’s been deliberately hurt. Teeth done, wee done & nice story with Daddy whilst I tidy up.

Spot the difference 😉

I finally get some quiet time & you guessed it Baby Critter either moans for attention, nappy change, bottle or embarrassingly & not encouraged he wants to see the telly!

8pm Baby Critter will either be quiet where we have a repeat of happily explaining the minor details of sewing to the 3 month old or he will be screaming because of his teeth or wind. At the same time Big Critter will be sneaking out of bed with a number of excuses:

I need a wee, I need a drink, I need a cuddle, there’s shadow/noise, dog next door is howling so I can’t sleep & best one is I had a nightmare before he’d even slept .

 9pm Usually I finally have enough peace to sew uninterrupted for longer than 10 minutes.

10.30-11pm I stop work to relax. by this point baby is either asleep or awake if he’s asleep i get to have a cuppa & relax which usually results in me dropping off. If he’s awake he wants cuddles, food & nappy change.

12am Give up & go to bed (if I’ve not already fallen asleep)

5am-7am Baby moans periodically for his dummy

7am Zombie mummy arises for the next day.

I look at what I’ve achieved & feel deflated & tired. People are chasing me for orders so promise to get done apologise for a bad night then have to ignore baby to get done. When I get chance to sew I do it fast (quality still achieved but I’ve learnt how to get it done!) & feel proud its finally ready to send.

Then the weekend hits!!!! Who invented weekends for WAHM was laughing their socks off whilst doing so giggling at the trauma & stress they suffer. Monday morning never looked so good!! OH NO its half term!!!!! its like a huge extended never ending weekend!

Now my day is stupidly talking to baby whilst being interrupted every 10 seconds maybe more with:


Yes Critter?

Choose from following: can I have a snack, can you play lego with me, can I watch a DVD, can we go out, will you play with me, can we play a game, I’ve done a poo, I trumped/burped, the baby trumped/burped, is it lunch time yet, when is daddy coming,

Response is either: smile, sulk, cry scream, oooohhhhhhh, YES!!!!, whoo hoo or crossed arms & lots of stomping.


Summer holidays you holler?? If you swear at me again I will not speak to you again!

So next time you wonder what the hell is taking me or other WAHM so long to get sewing look at this blog & give them another week whilst smugly smiling because your baby sleeps lol!!

Have to add though 99% of time there’s a smile on my face.



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