Through the wardrobe…..

The Narnia Experience kicked off our half term yesterday. A Christian group have set this interactive experience up.

We had emailed previous asking about babies coming & was told thats fine there are free but don’t bring a pram or will be asked to leave it in cloakroom so we took the sling.

This is me, Big Critter & Baby Critter.


Daddy & Big Critter playing races on the way.


What we know of the group that run it are called In Another Place & are a charity! They are based as far as I can tell in Crosby & do this for free using it as a way to get their Christian message across.

They started small in a church & found there way here:


Once inside the experience starts! We are transported back to the 1940’s where the original book The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe took place.

We are greeted at the door asked for our ticket then asked to go up some stairs to a waiting area. At the old fashioned ticket booth a man sits to tell you were the loo’s are & to ask you to sit in the waiting room to wait your turn.

The show starts with girls dancing on a station platform however by time it got to our turn the girls had disappeared to get changed ready for home. We also got a video they had created showing the beginning of the story.

The housekeeper then shows us to a room where we are told the rules & asked to pick a trail. Lucy or Edmund.


We chose Lucy so we could visit Mr Tummus’ house, although Big Critter called him Mr Tumble & Mr Thomas.

So off we went through the wardrobe. At this point your not allowed to take photos which is understandable because it would ruin the atmostsphere but also would have been nice to show you how cosy it all was!

Narnia forest smelt delicious like Christmas all over again, where Mr Tummus greeted us by throwing parcels at us. Next we got to meet the Beaver then run off to the icy waterfall.


We got a ride in ‘Santas’ sleigh then to meet Aslan. The White Witch turned up from the Edmund Trail at which point we went to the stone table where Aslan dies & is reborn.


After this we needed to go to the Witch’s Castle where we set the people of Narnia free which resulted in an expressive dance.


Once this was completed we where crowned King’s & Queen’s of Narnia!! Once a King or Queen of Narnia always a King or Queen of Narnia.

Of course it can’t last forever & we had to head back home through the wardrobe where the Professor wanted to speak us about what we’d learnt on our journey.

Aslan wanted to speak to us one last time, although this is out of order of the book this is what occurred.


He was rather cuddly looking & I snuck a photo in.

As a last activity we were offered chance to add a prayer or wish to their lovely paper trees.


Big Critter just draw a lovely picture but some of the prayers were well awesome! The first that struck us was the wish ” I want to be a pony”. Others included the wish that their favourite football team would win, some thank you’s for a ‘grate’ day. There were also lovely ones wishing everyone else had a great/nice/fab time at the experience & wishing family & friends the best.

All in all it was a good day however as always I have a few niggly points that I must mention.

The first thing we noticed was because it was held in one big hall with 2 groups going round at same time (split into 4) that we could overhear other parts of the experience others were having. Mr Tummus wasn’t able to be heard over them.

The other gripe I has is I wanted to meet the first Aslan we encountered with the White Witch. Gutted is not the word fancied a huge cuddle!

The final gripe was it was short! I would have loved to have seen more parts of Narnia & some parts to be longer & more interactive. The chance to explore & take photos afterwards also would have been a nice luxury.

However these are small points & was worth the money to get out & have fun.



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