Baby Show

So I went to the Baby Show in Liverpool today with a friend and her children. We attended a similar event in Manchester last year when Baby Critter was about 6 months gestation.

Talking today about which show was better as both were very very different we had differing views.

My friend felt the Liverpool show was better because we got more freebies and cost us less. I used a groupon offer for £6 ticket, she got hers for free in exchange she wore her baby in a sling that day.

The freebies we got were: allergy medicine, weaning spoon x2, fruit puree pouch, 3 magazines, balloons for the kids, lots of sweets (for the kids of course), cream sachets and some multigrain snack. There was no obvious nappy change or breastfeeding area we could see.

At Manchester we got a free Tommee Tippee bottle then a goody bag with dummy, fruit puree pouch, spoon, wipes and some sort of snack but this cost us £2 and 2 tickets to gain entry were £16. There was also free extra fruit & veg puree pouches in a feeding area, special feeding area with curtains for breastfeeding mums and nappy change area with free nappies & wipes provided.

Another difference was the show guide. Free at Manchester £2 at Liverpool. We didn’t buy one the show was so much smaller there was no need and to be fair a rip off, although proceeds are donated to Alder Hey which is a fab children’s hospital.

I enjoyed the Manchester show and hoped for similar stalls today so could look at stuff for Baby Critter who was still a womb dweller at the Manchester show.

I expected highchairs, prams, toys, sit in toys, more prams and baby food stalls. We got none of that well nearly there was 2 pram stalls both selling big prams whereas I wanted to play with buggies & small prams. The only high chairs at Liverpool was the free ones to use at the snack area & only toys were those children pre owned or the stalls put out for show not to play with or buy.

I felt the Liverpool show was less aimed at babies at more at anyone who strolled by. I say this because amongst the more obvious stalls was also a cheese company, a racecourse & posh hotel which let’s face it most parents can’t afford even if can find a sitter.

At Manchester we saw all the big brands with endless baby products especially LOTS of prams hehe.

However there were some fab stalls I didn’t see at the Manchester show like Sands, The Liverpool & Wirral Sling Library and the Vital Baby Stall (they were at Manchester but we didn’t look till today & would like to say will be buying more products).

So if you want to attend a baby show either get a cheap or free ticket or make sure it’s got more child orientated stalls than not & don’t worry so much about the freebies they are nice but not worth the trip just for them.

Roll on the next Manchester show!



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